A n g e l a   W i l l e t t s
All of my work, in some way and through various media, addresses how a sense of self is constructed. Some pieces observe how the workings of the body and mind contribute to a perception of self - through the production of hormones and neurotransmitters, through physiology, and through the experience of inhabiting a body. Some pieces investigate the
fallibility/instability of the structures of ego and the mind’s perception of itself. Yet others examine the effect of observation upon interiority.

Central to all my work, however, is an investigation of chance in the creative process. The initial marks made on the surface are created chaotically; spilling, rolling, blowing, tapping, smearing ink and water in uncontrolled gestures. These marks serve as an initial structure around which I build the composition. I enjoy the challenge of working with marks over which I have very little control, then building order into and around them; much as I create meaning and structure around those things I can’t understand or control in life. I also enjoy watching my mind struggle with the dual impulses to invoke chaos and insist on order.